Locked Up In Chastity
You want to Locked Up In Chastity?

Are you looking for a real Goddess to serve and do anything she commands? Are you ready to be locked up in chastity and lose
control over your cock and your sex life? Then you have come to the right place. Where your wildest fantasies become reality.
Our Mistresess are so cute you would’ve never thought they loves locking up her slaves cock and balls in such a tight device!


Does your big balls hurt so much? Do you want relase?  
Chastity cage  
My Pleasure and your Pain

Oh, does your big balls hurt so much, do you want relase and shoot you load after this 2 weeks for me in Chastity. well, perhaps i have mercy with you and your littel dick, but first i want to test your asshole. If you loose you get 2 weeks more in your nice chastity device and i have my Fun!

Blonde Mistress loves her pleasure and your pain. 
My Pleasure and your Pain

I left my slave alone in the dungeon, helplessly tied up on a chair and locked up in a chastity device. 2 hours later I am back with more sadistic teasing for him and his big balls... look how horny he gets when I start to rub my pierced clitty with a vibrator in front of him...he is such a loser, sitting on his chair with no possibilty to reach his dick or shoot his load out of his horribly painful balls....

A CB3000 Chastity Device as birthday present!!!
My Pleasure and your Pain

Private "O" becomes 30, but I have other things in mind for his birthday present. He is really shocked when CB3000 appears. His mistress tolerates no contradiction and his best piece runs off into the chastity belt. The Lady enjoys the situation and "O" is allowed to smell her pussy and to use his tounge to clean her ass before he gets an anal plug in his ass. Now it is getting really close in the belt, isn´t it? 

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